how to keep hair out of face

We've all been there: struggling to keep our hair out of our face, especially when we're trying to focus on something important. Whether you're a guy with long hair, a girl with a short cut, or just someone looking for useful ways how to keep hair out of face when sleeping, you've come to the right place! 

In this article, we'll discuss a variety of hairstyles, tips, and tricks to help you effortlessly keep your locks in check. So, if you've ever wondered how to deal with this universal hair challenge without resorting to drastic measures, like buzzing it all off, read on! Get ready to say goodbye to pesky hair-in-face moments and hello to stylish, practical solutions.

Keeping your hair out of your face doesn't have to be a daunting task. With a variety of methods involving tying, pinning, or styling, you can effortlessly achieve a put-together look. Here are some of the best ways and hairstyles to keep your hair out of your face:

Elastic Hairbands

Elastic Hairbands

Elastic hairbands are a go-to solution for many of us when we need to keep our hair out of our faces. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials, making it easy to find the perfect one for any hair type or style. 

Have you ever had one of those days when you're running late and just need to get your hair out of the way? Elastic hairbands are perfect for those situations. You can easily put your hair up in a ponytail, bun, or half-up style in no time. 

For guys with long hair, a high ponytail or a man bun can be both practical and stylish, while girls can opt for a classic ponytail or even a side braid to keep long hair out of their face. Just be sure not to pull too tight to avoid damaging your hair(1).

Hair Products

Hair Products

Sometimes, all you need to keep your hair out of your face is the right hair product. Depending on your hair type and the look you're going for, you can use gel, hairspray, grooming cream, paste, or wax to keep your hair in place. 

For a lighter hold, hair pomades can work wonders. Just imagine you're at a special event, and you want to keep your hair styled and in place all night long – the right hair product can be your best friend in such situations.



We can use headbands to keep hair out of face and add a touch of style to your look. They come in various materials, such as fabric, plastic, or metal, and can range from thin to wide designs. Looking to add some personality to your outfit or make a statement? Choose a headband with a unique pattern or design. 

Headbands are great ways how to keep your hair out of your face without putting it up. If you're wondering “should I sleep with my hair up”, a soft headband or a loose, low ponytail can help prevent tangles and breakage, while still being comfortable for a good night's sleep.



Bandanas are versatile accessories that can help you keep your hair out of your face while adding a touch of flair. To wear a bandana, fold it into a triangle, roll it up, and tie it around your head or at the back to secure your hair. 

It's perfect for casual days, outdoor adventures, or even as a quick fix for those dreaded bad hair days. Bandanas work well for both long and short hair, providing a comfortable and unique way how to keep hair out of face without clips, pins, or hair ties.

Hair Clips and Pins

hair clips and pins

Hair clips and pins come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors, offering an ideal option for managing your hair. From simple bobby pins to decorative barrettes, there's a hair clip or pin for every occasion. 

Are you tired of hair constantly falling on your face when it's down and wonder how to keep hair out of face without tucking behind ears? Try using hair clips or pins, you can still enjoy having your hair down while keeping it out of your face. Hair clips and pins are perfect for those who want to avoid putting their hair up or using tight hairbands that might cause damage.

Silk Hair Ties

silk hair ties

Silk hair ties are an excellent option for those concerned about how to keep hair out of face without damaging it, as they minimize breakage and are gentle on your locks. Have you ever taken your hair out of a ponytail, only to find a dent left by the hair tie? With silk hair ties, you can say goodbye to those frustrating moments. They're especially useful for those with delicate or fine hair and can be used for various hairstyles, from ponytails to buns.



Braiding is a fantastic way to keep your hair out of your face while also looking stylish. There are countless braid styles to choose from, such as simple three-strand braids, Dutch braids, fishtail braids, or even cornrows for a more intricate look. 

Braids work particularly well for those with thick or coarse hair, as they can help tame unruly locks. Remember the last time you were at the beach and wanted to keep your hair away from your face? A quick braid can do the trick while giving you that laid-back, beachy vibe.

Center-Parted and Pinned Hair

center parted and pinned hair

Center-parted and pinned hair is a simple yet effective way to keep your hair out of your face without putting it up. Start by parting your hair down the middle and then use hairpins or clips to secure the front sections away from your face. 

This style is perfect for those days when you want to show off your hair but don't want it to get in the way. Plus, it works well for both long and short hair, giving you a chic and effortless look.

Low Ponytails

low ponytails

Low ponytails are a classic and easy option for keeping hair out of your face. They're perfect for casual days, work, or even a night out. To create a low ponytail, simply gather your hair at the nape of your neck and secure it with a hair tie. 

Remember when you were a kid, and your mom would put your hair in a low ponytail for school? This hairstyle is still a lifesaver, even as adults! For guys wondering how to keep long hair out of face, a low ponytail can be both comfortable and stylish. Plus, you can dress it up with a fancy hair tie or ribbon for added flair.

Slicked-Back Styles

slicked back styles

Slicked-back hairstyles can give you a polished and sleek look while keeping your hair out of your face. You can use hair products like gel, wax, or pomade to achieve this style. Ever had an important meeting or event and wanted to make a great impression? 

A slicked-back hairstyle can help you look put-together and confident. This style works well for both men and women and can be adapted for various hair lengths.


twists hairstyles

Twists are a fun and easy way to keep your hair out of your face while creating an interesting and unique hairstyle. To create a twist, simply take a section of hair from the front, twist it, and then secure it with a hairpin or clip. 

You can create multiple twists along your hairline for a more intricate look. Twists are great for those days when you want to try something different without spending hours on your hair. Plus, they work well for both long and short hair, so everyone can give them a try!

Buns With A Twist

buns with a twist

We've all had those days when we need a quick and easy solution to keep our hair out of our faces. Enter the trusty bun! But why not elevate this go-to style with a fun twist? Try a messy topknot, a braided bun, or even a double bun. 

My personal favorite is the messy topknot – it's perfect for when I'm running late and still want to look somewhat put together. Plus, with a variety of scrunchies, hair ties, or clips, you can add a little extra pizzazz to your bun. Trust me, your friends will be asking how you created such a cool hairstyle in no time!

Condition daily(2), style your hair while it's damp and avoid running your hands through it too often to prevent it from becoming greasy. With these tips and tricks, you'll be able to keep your hair out of your face and look fabulous while doing it!

And there you have it – a variety of ways to keep your hair out of your face, suitable for all hair types and lengths. It's all about finding what works best for you, so go ahead and experiment with different methods and accessories. I'm a headband enthusiast myself, but I love exploring new styles.

So, next time you're battling with hair in your face, try one of these tips. And one more thing, if you ever end up with hair dye on your face, olive oil or makeup remover will get it off. Here's to stylish, face-free hair for all!


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